On March 18 and 19, SMART ERA has been proudly represented by FBK at the final conference of Smart Rural 27 in Brussels. This event was dedicated to exploring the knowledge and outcomes related to the creation of an effective Smart Villages support framework developed at the EU level in recent years.

SMART ERA. an EU-funded project, aims to revitalise rural areas through smart innovation packages (SIPs), addressing socio-economic and environmental challenges. Over four years, it will focus on technology, governance, business, and policy to combat depopulation and uplift rural communities.

The project will be implemented in six pilot sites: Trentino (Italy), Tramuntana/Sóller (Spain), Northern Ostrobothnia (Finland), East Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Šmarje-Padna (Slovenia, Italy, Croatia), and Devetaki Plateau (Bulgaria).

SMART ERA will launch two open calls for third-party projects and SIP replication in follower rural regions, fostering broad collaboration.

Stay tuned for updates from more updates from the project!