Devetaki Plateau

Вашата общност -
нашето бъдеще

The Devetaki Plateau is situated in the middle of Northern Bulgaria.

The region covers 9 villages which are situated in 3 different municipalities. The territory is included in the Natura 2000 National Ecological Network and it has a great potential in terms of natural resources and biodiversity.

Overcoming Obstacles:
Key Challenges in Transitioning to the SMART ERA

  • Residents encounter challenges accessing information and participating in decision-making due to their remote location.
  • The DPA and local municipalities have initiated community-led projects, but greater engagement is required.
  • Young families investing in small businesses does not have a voice in local development.
  • Lack of modern tools for participation, which are crucial for leveraging the existing experience and motivation in the villages.


Community-led rural tourism development.

Who will be a part of the change?

Local community, PA, members of cultural centres, people in retirement, young entrepreneurs, almost half of the total resident population


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