11/07/2024 – FundingBox is excited to announce the launch of the SMART ERA Community, an innovative online platform designed to connect industry leaders, experts, and innovators committed to revitalising rural communities across Europe.

SMART ERA aims to reverse depopulation and socio-economic decline in rural areas through the introduction of smart innovation packages (SIPs). These packages address a range of challenges by integrating technology, governance, business, societal, and policy-making innovations. Over the next four years, SMART ERA will lead a community-centric transformation, fostering sustainable growth and development in rural regions.

The newly launched SMART ERA community serves as a central platform for connecting and engaging with key stakeholders. It offers access to a range of resources and opportunities, including:

  • Project news & updates: Providing the latest developments within the SMART ERA Project.
  • Events: Comprehensive information on SMART ERA events, including open-call webinars and collaborative opportunities.
  • Open call helpdesk: Offering quick responses and clarifications regarding the SMART ERA open calls.
  • Supportive network: Facilitating connections with other influential members of the community.

SMART ERA envisions vibrant rural communities where innovation blends seamlessly with tradition and where opportunities abound. By leveraging digital advancements and smart strategies, the project aims to turn existing challenges into opportunities. From revitalising infrastructure to fostering entrepreneurship, SMART ERA is committed to creating practical solutions that drive sustainable growth. The goal is to make rural areas attractive destinations for talent and investment.

To join the Community, visit SMART ERA Community on Discord.

Watch the launch video here.


Cover image by Chad Madden on Unsplash.