Bosnia and Herzegovina

East Herzegovina

Tvoja zajednica,
naša budućnost 

East Herzegovina, located in southeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, centers around Trebinje and includes six municipalities: Nevesinje, Gacko, Bileća, Berkovići, Kalinovik, Ljubinje, and Istočni Mostar.

The region comprises two distinct areas: lower Herzegovina, with altitudes under 500 meters and a Mediterranean climate, and upper Herzegovina, mountainous with altitudes above 500 meters and characterized by short hot summers and long cold winters.

Overcoming Obstacles:
Key Challenges in Transitioning to the SMART ERA

  • East Herzegovina, centered around Trebinje, is experiencing depopulation
  • Rural areas surrounding Trebinje, comprising six small municipalities, often go unnoticed by tourists despite their authentic rural communities and rich traditions
  • Capacity building and support are needed, especially for small producers, predominantly women, to unlock the region’s creative potential
  • Small producers lack the ability to leverage digital technologies, which could enhance their competitiveness and visibility
  • Sustainable mobility initiatives are essential, providing efficient transportation solutions


Tourism, Young women entrepreneurship

Who will be a part of the change?

Local farmers engaged in rural tourism, young designers and IT experts, women | 20-30% of the total resident population


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