Macro Regional Strategies

SMART ERA will actively involve the four EU Macro-Regional Strategies:

Alpine (EUSALP), Baltic Sea (EUSBSR), Adriatic-Ionian (EUSAIR), and Danube Regions (EUSDR).

During the course of the project, they will actively contribute to the achievement of our goals by:

  • Conducting a comparative study on smart villages’ initiatives across EU MRS
  • Organizing brainstorming sessions to enhance cross-MRS collaboration in smart villages
  • Hosting workshops on joint transnational development for Smart Villages;
  • Defining new MRS priorities at a strategic level for Smart Villages and devising measures to facilitate the uptake and replication of project outcomes at the EU policy level, in coordination with the CAP networks.


Sister Projects

SMART ERA is dedicated to revitalizing rural landscapes through innovative, smart solutions. Our sister projects each focus on unique aspects of rural innovation.

Explore these projects to discover how they are transforming rural communities and fostering sustainable development!


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