May 30, 2024 – Bratač, a picturesque village renowned for its traditional agricultural products, recently celebrated Cheese and Potato Day with great enthusiasm. The event, organized by the residents of Bratač in collaboration with Slow Food Convivium Trebinje, Hercegovina, featured around ten exhibitors showcasing a variety of local products. This celebration coincided with the global observance of World Potato Day, adding a unique local flavor to the international event.

Known for its high-quality Nevesinje potatoes, Bratač took the opportunity to highlight its rich agricultural heritage. Besides its famous potatoes, the village is also celebrated for its production of fatty cheese from mijeh, a traditional cheese-making practice that has gained significant recognition. This cheese-making tradition is currently included in the preliminary UNESCO list of Intangible Heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, underscoring its cultural importance.

Bratač’s charm and cultural significance have earned it national acclaim, as it is one of the three villages honored as the most beautiful village in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the Najljepse selo Bratač initiative. The Cheese and Potato Day celebration not only highlighted Bratač’s agricultural excellence but also reinforced its cultural and historical identity on both national and international stages.

Pictures from Najljepse selo Bratač page on Facebook.

The event was partially financed by the SMART ERA project, which aims to promote sustainable and inclusive growth in the region. The activities undertaken during the celebration included the promotion of the SMART ERA pilot area in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the presentation of SMART ERA to the local community, local and state authorities, and media representatives.

Activities during the celebration included promoting the SMART ERA pilot area of East Herzegovina and presenting SMART ERA to the local community, local and state authorities, and media representatives.

For the people of this rural area, the celebration was more than just an event. It was a chance to showcase their hard work, traditions, and community spirit. Through this celebration, Bratač highlighted its important contributions to the cultural and agricultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.