SMART ERA is set to utilize the Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP) mechanism to expand the adoption of social innovation procedures developed within the project. This includes co-design methodologies and the integration of Smart Innovation Packages (SIPs) across the six regions of the project’s pilots, as well as an additional four follower regions.

To facilitate this process, two open calls will be launched during the project’s timeline.

Open call

Pilot Add-ons

Pilots add-ons aim to fund entities such as SMEs and tech providers to develop innovative solutions for integration into SIPs for pilot experiments. This call will fund 6-12 FSTP projects, with a maximum of €60,000 per applicant. The objective is to address gaps in rural innovation identified within the pilots.

Open call

Followers micro pilots

This will fund four individual or consortia based FSTP projects targeted at follower regions. Each consortium will comprise a community activator (eligible for up to €30,000 in funding) and an SME/tech developer as a pilot orchestrator (eligible for up to €60,000 in funding). Individual applicants may also apply, covering both roles and receiving up to €60,000 in funding. The objective of this call is to transfer SMART ERA results to new pilots, engaging new local communities and demonstrating the project’s impact potential. These new pilots will utilize SMART ERA methodologies to identify regional needs, co-designing new SIPs from the project’s innovative solutions.

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